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My Transformers stuff

My collection and everything Transformers
Apr 15 '14

Just sharing a MP photo shoot I did this morning.

Apr 4 '14



Sarcastic Batman

The smirk brings it all together.

Apr 1 '14

Generations Beast Wars Rhinox

Really good figure from Hasbro. I think I may start a Beast Wars collection if they keep up with these awesome updates.

Mar 20 '14

Toyworld-01 Hegemon (aka Megatron)

I realized I had not really put this guy under the lens yet. Mostly it was because he had a floppy gun arm. So I finally got around to shooting him.

Mar 17 '14

…well technically speaking, though…

…well technically speaking, though…

Mar 8 '14


(Source: robotopossum)

Mar 3 '14
Feb 22 '14

Decided to do a small photo shoot of FE Prime. Someone asked what was my 1 favorite TF of all time and it was this one.

Feb 12 '14

Fansproject Intimidator aka Not Menasor

All finally put together and looking incredibly BADASS My favorite combiner thus far. He’s very well put together and his aesthetics are sick! Great job on Fansproject’s part, this figure was worth the wait and every penny.

Feb 12 '14

Fansproject Diesel aka Not Motormaster

This guy is a very nice piece. Much better than I expected but I’m finally glad I can complete my “not Menasor”